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REVIEW: Condor Elite Sector Sling Bag

Todays Review

Condor Elite Sector Sling Bag

Primary Purpose / Usage

The Sector is built as a threat response bag for professionals and responsible citizens. It’s sleek look is perfect for covert/undercover/gray man use. Ideal as a CCW bag with some rich features.

Product Overview

Concealed carries have been the bread and butter of undercover agents as long as we could remember. You never know who you are going to encounter in the outdoors, so you’ll want to be prepared. The Condor Sector Sling Pack is equipped to provide covert tactical efficiency of your firearm without giving any red flags off to your environment.

Product Price

$89 on Condors Site

Features / Tech Specs

  • Constructed with Mil-Spec 500 denier Cordura® fabric, high tensile strength composite nylon thread and webbing
  • YKK zippers throughout the pack with paracord pull cords
  • Exterior Pouch compartment for tools
  • Conceal carry pocket with quick access slot
  • Swivi-Lockster buckle to connect sling and waist strap
  • Sling integrated daisy chain
  • Air-Flow system on the back to maximize ventilation and back support
  • Grommets on all compartments
  • Single point sling attachment point
  • Hypalon attachment point for D-Rings
  • Imported


  • Main compartment with removable MOLLE panel and soft armor insert pocket (19″H x 14″W x 4.5″D)
  • Secondary compartment with hook lining for modular accessories (sold separately) (14″H x 8″H x 1.5″D)

My Thoughts

General Impression
I was first introduced to the Sector Sling bag at the 2016 SHOT show in Vegas. I liked the covert look and slim profile. Perfect for CCW use.

Materials / Construction
Just like the other bags in the Condor Elite lineup it is constructed of 500D Invista Cordura, YKK zippers, High tensile nylon stitching, Hypalon accents, and sturdy hardware. The construction is such that I feel it will last a long time without issues.

Organization / Options
The Sector has 4 different compartments layered into its slim design.

The first pouch is the outer most area and is the smallest. It would be a good pocket for items like your keys, cell phone, wallet, or other small items. There is no internal organization in the area.

Pocket #2 is a bit larger and its main feature is the lining of soft loop on both sides. This will allow you to use velcro to mount your CCW pistol and other velcro accessories for organization. It fits my Glock 19 perfectly.

The third pocket is larger than the second and boasts a few great features. To start it has a small Molle panel that can be quickly detached via a velcro strip on the back edge of the pocket. This allows you to accessorize the panel with Molle accessories. Perfect for an IFAK, spare mags, or any other small Molle accessory. I have noticed that if you rotate the panel 180 you can firmly secure it using velcro on both sides  if you don’t care about the quick access.

Layered under the panel is a pouch to hold a water bladder, computer or other item of that size.

The last layer to the 3rd pocket is a velcro seam running along the zippered edge that opens and allows you to put ballistic armor in there. I currently have a Level 3+ steel plate in there but any standard size armor build for a plate carrier will work. The guys over at Covered 6 are producing a soft insert build specifically for the Sector that protects up to level 2 (Handgun) threats. You can check them out at

The final pocket is a covert area that is accessible from a zipper on the top or on the side. Both zippers are fairly hidden from sight upon general inspection of the bag. This is the largest section of the bag and the most covert.

Comfort / Fit
Compared to other sling bags I have used this is by far the most comfortable. This is in part to how they designed the attachment point on the flank. It seems to keep the bag fairly centered on your back which is not the case with other bags.

If you are a CCW holder (Responsible Citizen), are in Executive Protection, or work under cover in Law Enforcement then this bag is build for you. It can be used as and EDC too but kicks ass as a threat response bag.

Pros – What they got right

  • Slim profile and very gray man
  • Built Specifically for threat response
  • Soft Loop pouch and MOLLE panel for organization
  • Able to accept ballistic plates in a specially designed section
  • Very Comfortable to wear

Cons – What they could improve

  • My only issue is easily fixed by Condor on the next run. They need to use soft loop in the covert section to make it easy to attach a CCW holster. 5 star bag if they do this.
  • A friend that owns this bag said he wishes that they had some more internal organization areas with meshed zippered sections to organize smaller items. He is using it as an EDC.

The Verdict

If you want a well designed threat response / CCW bag then this is the one to by. Works well for EDC use as well.

Highly recommend it!

SRG’s Overall Rating (4 out of 5)


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