survival shelter types

Choosing the Right Survival Shelters

To create a successful and comprehensive emergency plan and survival kit, you have to think ahead and consider everything. There is more to a survival plan than extra water and batteries. You need to also consider what you need to have to survive outside of your home for a potentially extended amount of time. Survival […]

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Basic Land Navigation / Orienteering

Basics of Practical Land Navigation / Orienteering

Practical Land Navigation – Orienteering With the development of information technology the need for utilizing physical objects to navigate is constantly decreasing. Or at least we believe that we can navigate through any location using our smart phones or navigational maps. However, even in modern day despite the technology and online maps when you go […]

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Hikers Guide to HEAT Related Injuries

HYDRATE OR DIE! IT’S NO JOKE. Summer time is creeping up on us and the temperatures are starting to rise quickly. That means that the number of heat related illnesses will be rising as well. It’s up to you to make sure that you avoid becoming a casualty by properly preparing and using common sense […]

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